Professional. Proactive. Protective. These words and more describe Pro Logic IT. When it comes to service, our group of professionals is dedicated to providing your company with the highest quality service available. We look for potential problems before they happen and take action to protect your network and information before disaster strikes.


A system of reasoning. Something that makes sense. Honestly, if it doesn’t make sense, then why even bother with it? We will create a network solution that makes sense for your company, both from an operational standpoint and also with your bottom line in mind. If the cost outweighs the gain, then to put it bluntly, it doesn’t make sense.


Information Technologies. Utilizing the latest technology and techniques available, we are able to create an environment where your company can operate effectively and more efficiently. Your company became successful by doing the business that your company does; take the worry out of having to also know how to run a computer network.


Simply put, being a “Client Advocate” means we work for you. Not for the telecom company getting a fat residual on the backside when you sign up for another bad communications package. We create relationships with major hardware, software and telecom companies so that we can help you obtain the absolute best system design and implementation in performance, price and TCO (total cost of ownership). We hunt for new deals all the time. We R&D software and hardware so that YOU don’t have to. We base your network solution(s) on proven architecture that is actively running in current businesses. This gives you real world answers to your real world problems.


Not that we are against new clients, but we rather like the ones we have and prefer to engage in a de-facto partnership whereas we invest our designs and time into you (the client) with the express purpose of watching you grow through their usage and therefore becoming a bigger client. This pays off for both you, the client, and us, the service provider.


We have networked with a myriad of service providers and vendors over the years and have developed an extensive network of knowledgeable craftsmen ready to meet your needs. We have webmasters, programmers, phone system analysts, marketing research providers and (of course) network engineers. Normally we have relationships already in place with people we have been using for years; however, when we run into a service you need that we don’t directly provide, there’s no need to call around and find a provider…we find it for you! We handle the interface, the phone calls, the contracts and then we manage their work for you. We use our knowledge and expertise to find the right solution, the long-term solution, the solution that works best for you, the client. The end result is that you get the perks that a Fortune 500 company has for YOUR company.