Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

ProLogic IT F.A.Q.

We have listed some of the most “Frequently Asked Questions” received by our Engineers, Technicians and Associates. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please try our Support page or Contact Us directly.

Q: What are the “normal” support hours?
A: Normal support hours are 6am – 4pm PST, Monday through Friday. Emergency and after hour support is available by calling our support line 714 903-2153 x2 or Submiting a Ticket.

Q: What information do I need to provide when I place a support request?
A: Your name, company name, callback number, workstation name (if applicable) and a detailed description of the problem.

Q: How long do I have to wait for a support request response?
A: During “Normal Support Hours,” our goal is to respond to you within 5-10 minutes however it may take up to an hour. “After Hours Support” is on a callback basis and response time is a maximum of four hours with an engineer generally responding within thirty minutes.

Q: Can I access my work computer remotely?
A: Yes.  Contact your supervisor about obtaining access privileges.

Q: How do I log on to my computer remotely?
A: There are a few steps one must follow:

  • Contact your supervisor for access privileges
  • Receive logon information from ProLogic IT
  • Click on the Remote Access hyperlink here or at the bottom of the page
  • Log on using your supplied User ID and Password (BOTH User ID and Password are case sensitive)
  • Click on your computer name hyperlink
  • Wait for VNC software to install (first time only)
  • Watch your task bar for your VNC logon to appear
  • Once logged on, use F8 key to bring up the special commands window.  This key allows you to send Ctrl-Alt-Del command, which allows you to log on to your computer.  Other special functions are clearly listed.
  • When done, log off your computer BEFORE closing the VNC window, leaving it at the Ctrl-Alt-Del logon window.

Q: Will remote access to my computer affect speed or performance?
A: Depends on when you are using it, from where and what task  you are performing.  If you are using the computer during “off hours,” many times we are performing network maintenance that adversely impacts production response time.  These are necessary tasks that we must accomplish to keep your network healthy.  The number one reason for “slow response” from a remote location however is the Internet itself.  Your connection to your workstation is totally dependent upon the available bandwidth between you and your workstation.  The proverbial “weak link” anywhere along the chain of communication can increase “screen paint” times considerably.

Q: At times I am unable to logon to my workstation remotely. What is the cause?
A: Usually it comes down to a problem with the Internet OR a conflict with your network’s maintenance schedule.  Some maintenance tasks necessitate restricting remote access.  When that occurs, your option to connect will be “grayed out” and the workstation itself will show a yellow diamond signifying it is offline.

Q: What are some common reasons my logon isn’t working?
A: Some common reasons a user logon is not working correctly could be that the CAPS lock feature is on, the NUM lock feature is on (if password contains numerics), a blank space is at the end of either user name and/or password, or that simply the information is misspelled or incorrect.

Q: Can my smart phone receive email from work?
A:  First it depends on your company’s policy regarding mobile access devices. It then depends on the phone or device.  Devices with the Windows operating system (Windows Mobile) use Active Sync to synchronize your inbox, contacts and calendar, as well as tasks and other Outlook functions.  Blackberry devices usually require installation of 3rd party software and are not always compatible with network security. Installation of a Blackberry server may be necessary in some instances. Apple iPhone devices synchronize easily with Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and other email providers.

Q: How can I get my email from Outlook to my iPhone?
A: Synching Microsoft Exchange email to your iPhone is a fairly simple process. In the “settings” section, select the “mail, contacts, calendar” section and then select “add account.” Click into the desired email account and follow basic user info instructions and add your server name. Your phone should synchronize automatically, as long as the information provided is correct. There are different options for you to choose in the “mail, contacts, calendar” section to customize your view, showing number of emails, font size, etc. Of course, there are many deviations. Contact us, and we will be glad to walk you through the process!

Q: Why does my Blackberry stop receiving email?
A: Blackberry is not Microsoft Exchange “friendly.” They have their own Blackberry Server which they prefer companies use.  They use multiple methods to interact with the Exchange Server that hosts your email.  All of them have stability issues.  KEEP YOUR BLACKBERRY SUPPORT NUMBER ACTIVE!  Installation of a Blackberry server obviates the stability factor.

Q: Sometimes I see technology terms I am not familiar with. How can I get more information on the meaning of these terms?
A: Understanding IT (Information Technology) terms is a key to understanding your system and allows you to communicate with your IT team effectively. Click here for an IT Glossary primer.