Healthcare IT Solutions- HIPAA/HITECH/HITRUST

HIPAA Challenges and Industry Trends

Healthcare experienced most data breaches among surveyed sectors for the past 7 years straight and on average each incident cost $717,000.00 for the affected organization. The value of healthcare data on the black market is 2 ½ times of that of a standard financial record, thus it is no surprise that this industry is a major target by data pirates
What can you do to protect Data Privacy and maintain Data Security
Developing an effective regulatory compliance program is the foundation that allows management of the ongoing risks posed to privacy and security of patient data. A successful compliance program requires a strategic approach, a clear roadmap,  full support of leadership,  effective collaboration between operational and IT staff, continuous chain of accountability, and ongoing program oversight.
It is imperative that all participants understand their roles and responsibilities and work together as a team to protect the privacy and security of patient data.

Successful Roadmap, Proven Results

We have have 20 years experience assisting Healthcare and Lifesciences organizations developing smart HIPAA, HITECH and GDPR compliance programs and helped prepare for HITRUST certification.

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