Healthcare IT Solutions

Going Beyond Traditional Healthcare IT Services to Cut Costs & Maximize Profits!

For healthcare providers looking  to reduce operating costs and improve financial performance, ProLogic IT provides comprehensive information technology management services that focuses on maximizing profits. Unlike traditional service providers who deliver traditional IT management services, ProLogic IT service solutions simplify processes, reduce operating costs and improve the bottom line of the practice.

Turning today’s economic challenges into profitable opportunities

Healthcare providers are facing unprecedented business challenges. Between rapidly rising costs, steadily declining reimbursement rates and constant changes in government mandates, chances are you’re losing a lot of sleep. While many organizations are struggling just to stay afloat, we’re showing providers how profitability can actually be increased. The “secret” lies in improving business processes, and then aligning Information Technology (IT) systems to support this.

Leveraging IT to improve business performance

Since 1998 ProLogic IT has been strategically aligning IT with business objectives in order to dramatically improve healthcare business profitability and economic resiliency. ProLogic IT combines information technology with process improvement to reduce costs, simplify processes and improve output. IT becomes a tool to:
Reduce Operating Costs
Decrease Days in Receivables
Improve Revenue Cycle Performance
Maximize Reimbursement
Discover New Revenue Streams
Attain Operational Efficiency
Improve Quality of Care and Patient Satisfaction

Healthcare Information Technology Experts

ProLogic IT has over 15 years of experience helping healthcare providers deliver better care for less money. We understand the industry’s nuances and challenges, have extensive experience with a wide range of clerical and clinical software, and are able to provide solutions that deliver tangible business results.

Our unique approach

As a healthcare IT vendor we view traditional IT consulting, management and maintenance services as just the starting point of what we provide. Beyond that, we focus on finding ways to help you improve your bottom line: reducing waste, improving and simplifying processes, cutting costs, enhancing productivity and improving patient care and satisfaction. By combining healthcare IT with proven process improvement tools, we can help position your organization for sustainability and growth.

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