ProLogic IT Team


Our Teams were created to respond to clients’ needs in a focused manner. Comprised of diverse, experienced, professional and talented members, each team is a close knit group of Executives, Engineers, Technicians and Associates who strive to be the best in their fields. Team members train continuously and work together to bring the highest level of service to your company. Below are brief descriptions of the Primary Service Teams and their Team Leaders


Managed IT Service Team Janitors of the IT world, these engineers often work after hours. Your company is assigned an IT Management Team that manages Windows security and patch updates, reviews event logs, backups, network traffic, anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-adware, hard drive space, bandwidth usage and monitors critical services and website availability. Preventative medicine is the best not only for humans, but for the IT world in general. You rarely need the verified backup or the redundant file copy. However, when one of those critical tasks is overlooked, it becomes the focal point of fate! With daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual tasks, our Managed IT Service Team keeps your company at minimal risk and maximum productivity.

Phil Peluso III – Team Leader
Network Engineer
Engineering, Security, Support

Tasked with day-to-day network administration and troubleshooting, Phil is a key engineer on the ProLogic IT team. Phil also maintains your company website needs, either performing the task himself or acting as the liaison with the Web Development Team. Phil is a member of the ProLogic IT Security Team and is Team Leader for the Help Desk. You will be talking with him often.


Trevor Grace – Team Leader
National Sales Director
Sales, Support, Operations

Trevor Grace is an experienced and knowledgable representative of ProLogic I.T. with years in the industry under his belt. He will help you pinpoint your current I.T. need and offer a viable solution.


It’s a war out there. What are the security needs for your network? What are the options (best to most cost effective) to respond to those needs? You have to know the questions before you can find the answers, and this is why a regular Security Assessment is vital to your company’s IT needs. You want any assessment performed by qualified and professional people. The ProLogic It Security Assessment Team is the answer.

Jim Van Over – Team Leader
Operations Officer
Operations, Security, Training

Jim Van Over is our Chief Operating Officer. With over 20 years of service working for the US Government while holding a Top Secret Cryptographic clearance, he understands the serious attitude needed for security. He hand picks the Security Assessment Team, is a strong voice in the Security Meetings determining network policy and also heads our aggressive company training and certifications programs.


Even the smallest tasks are reviewed, if not outright designed by Engineering. Integrating new clients into the ProLogic IT Services Cloud is a primary task. New projects, quotes and Annual Client Network Reviews also fall under the Engineering Team umbrella. R&D fills out the Engineering Team’s day, as they verify software configurations, operating system compatibilities and hardware possibilities. All work performed by the Engineering team on a request or project can be viewed through the Customer Portal.

Steven Van Over – Team Leader
Senior Engineer
Engineering, Security, Support

Steven designs, installs and maintains network architecture. He maintains production of our Secure Services Cloud of servers that deliver redundant email, DNS, anti-virus and backup services to all of our clients. Steven also has a US Government security service background (with ensuing Top Secret Cryptographic clearance) and chairs the Security Meetings that determine network policy.


Project Management is a carefully planned and organized effort to accomplish a specific objective. Our accomplished Project Management Team is here to assist with delivering your project on time, on budget and with superior quality. Live reporting of your IT projects can be viewed to give you insight into your company’s IT status.

Katalin Van Over – Team Leader
Project Management Leader
Operations, Sales, Security, Support

Katalin is the head of our Project Management department. She plans, directs and coordinates activities of designated projects to ensure that goals or objectives are accomplished within prescribed time frames and funding parameters.Support is a role every staff member fills, and Katalin excels in this critical area.


The help desk can usually handle simple website requests. Once it gets fun, however we
turn to long-time ProLogic IT associate, Camilla Ovenstone, for professional interaction, timely work pace and incredible results. Check out Camilla’s impressive online portfolio. It speaks for itself. Your assigned engineer will work with you to develop your web design project and will then liaison with Camilla. We host most websites on our secure, integrated and redundant Services Cloud.

Camilla Ovenstone
Web Designer
Click here for portfolio
Phone: +44 777 559 0636

Camilla has a keen eye, a smooth approach, fantastic appreciation for tones and manages to match the website “feel” to the client in a most exclusive manner. Responsive to the business aspect of production, working with Camilla is a fresh experience in how artistry and professionalism can coexist.
Operations Team