Smartphone Security (part 2) – Android OS

security tips for andriod mobile deviceThis is part 2 of our tips and informational posts regarding smartphone security and performance.  We last discussed the iPhone OS and in this post we will discuss the Android operating system.  Network World recently posted articles on security tips for both iPhone and Android smartphone devices and we found them to be very informative.  We wanted to share this information and add to it based on our experience and knowledge on the subject.  Nowadays users seem to be tied to their smartphone devices for both personal and business usage and these mobile devices store a great amount of data.  This data could range from sensitive business communications to personal family photos.  Either way, one should take time and effort to keep their devices secure.

Some security tips are very similar to our list in the iPhone post, but some are more specific for the Android OS:
– Download apps from a trusted site (amazon, google, phone manufacturer’s store, etc.)
– Keep an eye out what permissions a downloaded app is requesting to have
– Strong password for device
– Install security apps such as a Malware scanner,  a locator service if device is lost or stolen, and configure remote data wipe or remote device lock also if device could be in the wrong hands.
– Encrypt your sensitive data
– Use a secure VPN, especially when connecting to a public WiFi
– Turn off services if & when you are not using them, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.
– Clear your browser cache often and check your browser settings to ensure added security if possible
– And as you probably heard before, be careful clicking on suspicious links via text, email, etc. and especially if they request you to download anything

To read the article with more detail provided by Network World website – Click Here

TrendMicro security firm CTO offers some advice on the subject as well.  He provides a few security tips in a recent post on setting up your mobile devices securely.  To read his post  – Click Here

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