Microsoft and Adobe security update information

security updatesMicrosoft had a big release of critical security patches for this month’s (Feb ’15) Patch Tuesday addressing several security vulnerabilities (56 in total) covering various applications and both desktop and server operating systems according to a recent article by Computer World website.  Internet Explorer gets the most attention this time around fixing browser memory vulnerabilities marked as critical updates and applies to all versions of the application.  Other Internet Explorer updates, marked as important, address security holes that could put users at risk by clicking on compromised websites.
Other critical and important updates include patches to applications such as Microsoft Office and Windows Server group policy.  The group policy update tends to the security of Windows Serve domain controllers to prevent attackers from accessing the network.

Also, in recent news there has been a zero day exploit found in Adobe’s Flash application.  Flash files are very common on the internet whether they are displaying video feeds, advertisements, etc.   It has been reported that a critical security vulnerability has been discovered within Adobe’s Flash Player, and this has not been the only one in recent months.  It is advised for users to keep their Flash Player updated to the latest version or they can also enable the “click-to-play feature” in browsers (click this link for instructions by to prevent the Flash plug-in from running automatically without the users explicit consent.

And as we always remind users to please keep their computer systems Anti-virus applications updated

For more detailed information on the recent Microsoft security patches provided by Computer World website – click here

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