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Windows 10 operating systemWindows 10 is coming soon and from what we have read so far about possible new features and usability, it looks to be a big improvement.  Network World website recently released a couple articles providing a preview of Windows 10 operating system features. Microsoft appears to be addressing issues from Windows 8 version in which the difference between the touch based tablet type operating system and the typical workstation operating system was very drastic for most users.  This new Windows 10 operating system is said to be aiming at bringing the 2 platforms closer together hopefully making it an easier transition for users. Some notable features rumored with the new operating system are a new Browser application, more powerful gaming tools, Windows 10 for mobile phones, and more.  Below is a short list and to read more details provided by Network World website we provided some links below.

Some items that will be addressed:

  • Free upgrade for current Windows 7 & 8 users (within a year operating system debut)
  • Return of “Start Button” menu
  • New web browser expected to replace Internet Explorer called “Spartan”
  • Microsoft’s Windows Phone virtual assistant “Cortana” will be integrated in the new PC operating system.
  • Windows Holographic that will enable 3D imaging and ability to create your own holograms
  • An 84-inch, 4K, touch-enabled display called the “Surface Hub”, which essentially is a huge tablet with Wifi, Bluetooth, motion detectors, camera, microphone, etc. that could be great for corporate meetings, web meetings, etc.
  • Designed for mobile devices such as phones and tablets providing better unification between these devices and workstations.
  • Xbox Streaming & PC gaming improvements

To read more details on the above items, plus other features and improvements discussed in the article posted by Network World – Click Here

There is also an in-depth review of Microsoft’s new operating system (also by Network World) you can view – Click Here

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