Security advice for Gmail accounts

As we are hearing more about online account security and privacy these days due to recent data breaches, network hacking activity, and email communications being compromised, users should be doing everything possible to secure their online accounts.  Email accounts are especially important as most users are connected via email on a day to day basis and a good majority are storing and corresponding sensitive information.  A recent article by Business Insider website offers tips and advice on securing gmail accounts ranging from adding two-step verification, configuring account settings, and viewing your gmail account login history.  Users can also view what type of devices or applications have permission to access their gmail account.

One of the first things recommended for gmail users to do is to use the “Security check up” process that is available in account settings.  This will guide users through steps in setting up a phone number in which Google will send a text if the account is accessed by unrecognized device or to report  “unusual activity”, and how to check your account’s recent history.  This feature will also allow users to view what apps, devices, and websites are allowed to access your gmail account.

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