Critical security updates for Adobe Flash Player

Adobe has released 18 security updates for their Flash Player application, including 15 marked “critical” that address vulnerabilities that could allow remote code execution, according to TechWorld website.  Adobe advises Windows and Mac users to update their Flash Player version to and Linux users should upgrade to Flash Player version  If you don’t check your current version (open application and check advanced settings tab), just make sure you update if you see an Adobe Flash player window prompt to do so, or you can go to Adobe website and install the most current Flash Player application.  The Flash Player plug-ins that run within Google Chrome and Internet Explorer in Windows 8/8.1 will be updated via the browsers update service.  Also to note, Adobe AIR users will also have an update available.

This is a reminder that not only is it advised to update your operating system with the necessary security patches, but also 3rd party applications such as Flash.  Flash players are very common in today’s website and have been exploited in the past to spread malware or virus files.  It is recommended to install the most current version of Flash Player due to recent security vulnerabilities discovered.

To read more details provided in the article by TechWorld website – Click Here

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