Patch Tuesday Updates – Nov. 2014

patch tuesday updatesMicrosoft is set to release a group of security updates for this month’s (Nov. 2014) Patch Tuesday to address security vulnerabilities in Windows OS, Internet Explorer, and Office applications.  According to a recent article posted on, there are approx. 16 security patches and 5 of them are marked “critical”.  These critical patches are marked as such because of the severity of the vulnerability and are intended to fix security holes that could allow remote code execution.  They affect various versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems, including servers, and one of the critical patches is intended for IE versions 7 to 11.

These critical patches help protect your system from attackers trying to execute commands from a remote location or taking control of your computer without your knowledge. Other patches to be released for Nov.2014 Patch Tuesday include 9 marked “important” that address Windows operating systems, Office applications, Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint and other system services .  The remaining 2 are marked “moderate”, so less critical, but still highly recommended by Microsoft.

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