Tips for securing your home network

home network security tipsTips for securing your home network

Nowadays most homes have an internet connection, router, WiFi, and more than one device connecting to online services, so we wanted to relay some good “basic” tips for users in protecting their home network environment. Yahoo Tech news had a recent article that offers several recommendations on keeping your home network secure that we think is good information to pass on, while also including our own advice.   We will touch on a few important items in this post, but will also provide the link to the article with full details.

  1. Securing your network router – Password protect your router device and use current security authentication settings such as WPA or WPA
  2. Use Anti-virus applications on all devices that are applicable
  3. Updates & Patches – Keep your operating systems patched with critical updates, install application updates (Adobe Flash, Reader, Java, etc.), and uninstall old software that is either outdated or no longer used.
  4. Use a good password strategy for devices and accounts. Use different passwords for various online accounts.
  5. 2 factor authentication on devices or accounts that offer this service. It could be a 2nd device, cell phone number, extra security questions, etc. and you should use it if available.
  6. Limit some of the personal data & information posted on Social Media network sites. Be careful with information that could be an easy answer to a password hint (pet name, family middle names, etc.) which could aid someone trying to hack into your accounts.  Remember, the information posted on social media sites is on the internet for all to see.

For more details on keeping your home network secure, including additional tips, please read the article by Yahoo Tech News – Click Here


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