Patch Tuesday Updates – Oct. 2014

Patch Tuesday UpdatesMicrosoft is releasing critical updates for Windows operating system and Internet Explorer for this month’s Patch Tuesday (October, 2014) to address security vulnerabilities.  It has been reported by Network World website that 9 updates will be released and three of them are marked “critical” that apply fixes to address vulnerabilities in which malicious code could be executed remotely.  Internet Explorer is said to be most at risk and updates will be applied for versions 7 thru 11 and will require reboots post install.  There is also a critical update in the mix for server platforms (2003, 2008, and 2012) that are aimed to fix flaws in the .NET framework application.  Along with the updates marked “critical”, there are a couple updates marked “important” that relate to various server and desktop operating systems.

For more detailed information provided by Network World website – Click Here

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