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iOS8Apple has recently released their new mobile device operating system iOS 8 and already comes pre-installed on the new iPhone 6 device.  We read several articles online that discuss the operating system enhancements, requirements, installation procedure, system issues after upgrade, and reverting back to the previous OS (just in case).

Some of the items addressed with the new iOS 8 that have been reported are fixes to Safari browser application, Keyboard functionality, Call forwarding, Air Drop support, and VPN settings.  Enhancements include new photo management options, Siri capabilities, and iCloud Drive access. And there are also a few issues reported by users such as the device being sluggish, battery life drains faster, and even the system crashes on older Apple mobile devices.

So, we compiled some useful links in this post covering various topics of the iOS 8 operating system in which we reviewed and found some helpful tips and information.  They are described below:

Fixes and enhancements with the iOS 8 update as reported by Network World website – Click Here

For instructions for installing iOS 8 (and downgrading if needed) provided by Network World website – Click Here

Information on reverting back to previous version by Yahoo News – Click Here

For those concerned on security and privacy, here are some tips from – Click Here

Another report by Network World website regarding a higher rate of system crashes with iOS 8 – Click Here

Basic advice we can give is to either wait to upgrade if you have an older device and wait for a newly released update to the iOS 8 that is most likely to come soon. If you did upgrade and are experiencing any issues you can revert back or just wait for the next release.  A following update to a major OS upgrade usually comes after as it is quite common for any reported bugs to be addressed.



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