Windows 9 Preview

windows 9 previewMicrosoft is said to be ready for exposing a new Windows 9 operating system at the end of September 2014, according to the latest post by Computer World website. We are assuming many users that have been frustrated with Windows 8 will be looking forward to this upgrade that has been in talks for some time now.  It could be released to the public by early 2015 and could even have the nickname “Threshold” as reported in the article.   One of the main “requested” features that is supposed be integrated is the return of the Start Menu, and this would be welcomed by many.  Also, this system has been reported to focus more at the business and enterprise platforms, and will come with better compatibility for mouse and keyboard usage.   Other features in Windows 9 are said to be the Multiple Desktop feature and a new Notification Center, according to, which has also recently reported news on this subject.

It reminds us of when Microsoft put Vista into production when XP was doing great and was liked by many windows users.  According to some, Vista didn’t go over that well, and then came along Windows 7, which was really liked and welcomed once you got by a bit of learning curve.

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