Hotfix for IE users if experiencing "slowness" post update

Microsoft has released a hotfix (about week or so ago) to alleviate some “slowness” issues for users that are running Internet Explorer as their browser, according to an article posted by website.  This hotfix is intended for users that are currently using IE and are experiencing symptoms such as slowness, unresponsiveness, or even coming to halt while using the application.

This could be due to “Dialog Boxes” running from within the browser by web applications.  These dialog boxes could come in the form of examples such as asking a user if they want to close a box window, or proceed with a download, and other inquiries requesting a user to take action.  Users most affected according to the report are ones in which have installed the MS14-037 or MS14-051 cumulative security updates.  Users are always advised to install windows security updates, but sometimes they are issues with particular operating systems and application versions, so don’t let this refrain you from installing future updates.

You can apply the fix offered by Microsoft by checking this link with instructions – Click Here.  And, this may not be required for everyone, but if you are experiencing these symptoms with Internet Explorer and have verified you installed the 2 updates noted above, then this hotfix may be for you.

To read the article offered by containing details – Click Here

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