Handy features in Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems

operating systems informationNetwork World website recently posted an article offering information on several hidden and useful features in Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems.  These tools within the operating systems can provide assistance in a number of ways and offer helpful options that aren’t well known or used to their ability.  We are going to list just a few bits of information, but provided a link in this post to more details.

Some helpful features in Windows include tools such as the Problem Steps Recorder, in which users can record the steps they are doing, save it to a file and send to a support associate requesting assistance with a problem or issue.  Also within Windows operating system are these utilities: upgrade to the Print Screen feature, the Windows-X shortcut, and the File History feature (backup and file restoration program).  These and other useful OS functions may not be familiar or even used by the average user.

In the iOS system, some features are: dragging text messages to see timestamps, using the compass app also as a level, or even using head movements to navigate the operating systems.  As for the Android OS, some items include: accessing developer mode, getting a performance boost for apps, and utilizing power save mode.

All these features, plus others, are described in more depth by Network World website.  To read the article – Click Here

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