Google creates “Project Zero” security team

Google creates “Project Zero” security team

google project zeroIt has been stated in recent news that Google is setting up a task force team to help combat cybercrime and to help reduce the number of malicious attacks on the internet. This team of security engineers will be working on finding and fixing bugs before they are taking advantage of by cybercriminals according to an article by website and this program is called “Project Zero”. This team by Google will look for vulnerabilities in websites, widely used software, and services via the internet. If and when security flaws are discovered, Google will notify the business or organization affected, so they can then provide a fix or update. Google will provide information on the flaw after a fix has been applied, so other users, companies, and associates are aware and can patch their systems if needed.

Network World website also weighs in on the subject, adding that Google’s “Project Zero” team will research techniques and technologies used by cybercriminals and hackers. They will be studying weaknesses in software and exploring ways to protect users. A database will be updated on their findings and information will be provided to the software providers.

All things considered, Google hopes to reduce the number of sophisticated attacks and zero day exploits, and aim to improve security across the internet

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