Two-step authentication for iCloud services

A two-step verification service is being put in place by Apple for some of their iCloud services according to a recent article by Network World website.   The two part authentication offered by Apple is called “two-step verification in the Apple ecosystem” and is an added security system in which users have to provide two pieces of information to access their online account or service.  Usually the two authentication pieces are a password and a code that ties to your cell phone or another trusted device.  And, as you may of heard recently (or already have activated) email services such a gmail, yahoo, etc. are also offering this added protection feature.  Basically, it is another level of security protection besides just using a password.

When users are logging into services with their Apple ID, they will be asked to enter both a password and a four-digit verification code that is sent their phone or other trusted device, such as an iPad.  Once authentication is confirmed, the iCloud apps will be accessible.  Also to note, according to, the Find My iPhone app will still be available using just one authentication step in case the trusted device is lost or stolen.

The article mentioned by Network World website offers detailed instructions in setting up the two-factor authentication for iCloud.  To read – Click Here

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