Common situations of being a victim of cybercrime

cybercrime protection tipsSecurity firm Trend Micro has released an article on their monthly security newsletter discussing 7 common cybercrime situations, their traits, and tips to steer clear of them. These scenarios are discussed in detail, including what signs to keep an eye out for and advice to help avoid becoming a cybercrime victim. They include situations such as: Ransomware (malware infection that locks or encrypts your files holding them for ransom), missing funds from your bank account, social media accounts (facebook, etc.) spamming your friends & contacts without your consent, a drastic increase in your mobile phone bill, and being coerced to fill out survey’s requesting personal information on compromised websites. Other items also noted are extremely shortened smartphone batter life, and systems crashing and/or not functioning correctly.

These are definite characteristics of cybercrime and Trend Micro offers tips on what to look out for and how to keep yourself (and device) safe from criminal activity.

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