Another level of protection against iPhone theft

Find My iPhone featureiPhone theft, and smartphone robbery in general, had been a big problem due to their high value, powerful tools, and also being host to critical/personal data enticing thieves. According to an article published on there is a new feature for the popular “Find My iPhone” app that is recommended for all iPhone users. This feature called “Activiation Lock” will further assist locating your iPhone if it gets stolen and it should also help deter thieves knowing this feature is now available. This feature works with the Find My iPhone app by preventing a thief from powering off your iPhone, therefore allowing you to track its location. If your phone is powered off you will be unable to track it to the current location, so Activation lock keeps the iPhone powered on unless you enter an Apple ID and password. One tends to believe that once criminals become more aware of these 2 features working together, it should be helpful in curbing iPhone robberies

The article by The Huffington Post provides easy instructions for installing and activating the security app. We recommend it for users to further protect themselves against iPhone theft. To read the article in detail – Click Here

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