Malicious Apps targeting World Cup fans

malicious apps targeting world cup fansWith the World Cup underway, so are cybercriminals taking advantage of it’s global popularity in the forms of phishing scams, malware, and malicious apps. According to security firm Trend Micro, in a recent post on their Security Intelligence Blog, mobile malware relating to the World Cup has been on the rise. It states in their blog post that the malicious apps have been found in unauthorized/3rd Party app download stores and more than 375 have been detected thus far.

These fake apps appear to be clones of real popular apps and can cause damage such as subscribing user accounts to other services, compromising personal & critical information (messages, contact list, etc.), install malicious links, remotely execute commands such as sending text messages, and charging fees on user’s accounts for premium services.

Basic advice: Mobile device users should not install any apps from 3rd party download sites, use caution clicking on links attached to messages and using a mobile security application (if applicable on OS)

To read the security blog post in detail by Trend Micro – Click Here

Trend Micro also notes that there has been recent phishing scams relating to the World Cup in the form of spam email and social media posts. For more details from Trend Micro – Click Here


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