Windows 8.1 update required for Patch Tuesday updates

Patch Tuesday for the month of June, 2014 had just arrived and Microsoft has issued a handful of security updates for operating systems, Internet Explorer, and applications such as Office. According to recent articles by Network World website and PC World website, Microsoft has also stated that Windows 8 users need to install the Windows 8.1 update to receive the critical security patches for Internet Explorer and other applications. The Windows 8.1 update was released this past spring and addresses several issues in Windows 8, including items that make the operating system more user-friendly for desktop users.

Microsoft has postponed this deadline already once, so it is good idea for Windows 8 users to install the Windows 8.1 update to keep your system protected and make use of the user-friendly additions.  Microsoft is also urging customers to update their Internet Explorer to version 11, which is more secure and is receiving several security updates in this month’s Patch Tuesday. Users can download the Windows 8.1 update using the Windows Update tool and once installed, the other security updates will be available for download.

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