Performance tips for your personal WiFi router

WiFi router tipsThere are some settings in most WiFi routers these days that can help boost performance, enhance security, and add tools such as parental controls or guest networks. We came across an article by Yahoo Tech News that goes into more detail on these items and more.

For security reasons, it is highly recommended to re-name your WiFi router (SSID name) than keeping it factory default and to also add a security password. Also, you should set a password for accessing the device itself. Most routers have defaults that are commonly known and usually manufacturers provide easy directions to change it.

For performance purposes, users can prioritize bandwidth for certain devices and be alert to where you are placing the router to increase signal strength. Be careful of walls, furniture or other things that could obstruct your WiFi signal. Also be cautious of interference from other devices.

Users that want to setup guest networks and add parental controls, they can do so within the router administration interface (for more advanced users) or install an app or web interface that most WiFi router providers have available that can simplify configuration settings.

To read the article by Yahoo Tech news that describes these tips and settings (plus others) in more detail – Click Here

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