Malware that can take over webcam devices

webcam securityIt is becoming more common these days for hackers to compromise web cams on people’s devices according to a recent article by Yahoo Finance News website. There is malware program called “Blackshades” that has recently come to light that can remotely take over a user’s computer with the intent of spying. This software on infected computers can be used to spy on people via webcams, listen in through microphones, view keystrokes, and access personal data such as pictures and other personal files.

This article states that federal prosecutors are bringing up charges for developers and users of this malware. It was also noted more sophisticated and alternate versions of the program have been detected. Some common signs that your computer may be infected are: sporadic mouse cursor movement, webcam light goes on even if not in use, monitor turning while computer is active, chat windows pop up, and other common signs of a malware.

It is advised to practice security measures such are keeping your operating system security updates current, using anti-virus & anti-malware software, and not clicking on suspicious emails or links. Of course this is always recommended to protect against any form of malware. And to keep prying eyes off your system as with this type of malware, it is a good idea to turn off the device when not in use and even placing something over the webcam such as electrical tape, sticky note, or something to block the viewing.

To read more details in the article by Yahoo Finance News (video included) – Click Here

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