Internet Security vulnerability in IE

internet securityIt has come up in recent news that there is security flaw in Internet Explorer (all versions) that could allow remote code execution and Microsoft is currently working on a patch update. This is even more troubling news for XP users as the patch will not be made available to them (unless they have paid for extended services by Microsoft), but Windows 7 and 8 users will receive the updates. Microsoft recommends that in the meantime users can also increase their IE browsers security, such as enabling “Enhanced Protection Mode” in IE10 or IE11, set the security settings to high, or disable active scripting.  To read details from Microsoft – Click Here

It is also suggested that you can use another browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, until the Internet Explorer vulnerability is fixed by Microsoft.

We have found some good information on this internet security subject in a couple recent articles.  One of which was posted on – click here

Computer World website also posted details and tips to help protect yourself while browsing the web  – click here

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