Windows 8.1 Update

imagesCAA0W2LGMicrosoft recently released the Windows 8.1 update for users on 8 and 8.1 operating systems, in which some items of concern by users that are addressed. Microsoft is slowly trying to make Windows 8.1 more user friendly for the standard desktop or laptop user. We found some good information from Yahoo Tech news and Computer World website that explore this update in more detail.

Some of these items include: Start screen changes, Boot to desktop for non-touch screen devices, More functionality in mouse and keyboard (for non-touch screen users) , X button to close apps is back along with the minimize button, Desktop taskbar at the bottom of the screen now allows shortcuts to user favorite tile-based apps, and more small tweaks. Hopefully this update makes life a bit easier for Windows 8/8.1 users.  For more details by Yahoo Tech news – Click Here

Computer World website also describes the Windows 8.1 update in more detail, including items mentioned above, but also other additions and changes. To view article – Click Here

Also, a start button like Windows 7 is coming soon according to PC World website. To read more details – Click Here

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