Recent discovery of the "HeartBleed" Bug

imagesWell, in case you haven’t heard yet, the last couple days there has been much talk of the vulnerability discovered in SSL communications and it is referred to as the “HeartBleed” bug.  This is an issue that affects SSL technology (protects and encrypts information via the Internet) and there is a flaw that could allow someone access to the information that is supposed to be protected.  The problem needs to be addressed by websites addressing their site’s SSL configuration and does not require anyone to do anything on their local device, except of course the obvious by keeping security updates current, anti-virus products enabled and keeping an eye out for any activity on their accounts that could cause concern.  Also, users can take it to the next level by changing passwords and/or validating a website status by checking one of the public lists available by various tech companies.

In a recent article by TrendMicro security firm, detail information on this vulnerability and what user’s should be aware is provided.  To read – Click Here

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