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dlTechnologyThree Microsoft Office apps are now available free of charge at Apple’s App store.  According to a recent article by Computer World website, Microsoft announced the three available apps are for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  With the free version, users can view word documents, excel spreadsheets, and present PowerPoint slideshows.  If users need additional features such as creating new documents or editing existing documents then a subscription to Office 365 “rent-not-buy” plan is needed.

There are a few functionality items to take note of, one of which is that the office apps will be utilizing MS’s online storage service “OneDrive” and access to third-party cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive will not be accessible directly from within the app.  Users will have to use the appropriate cloud service app, such as Dropbox, to access their files and then re-create in Office app.  Also, the Printing feature will not be available from within any of the iPad Office apps, but users can get by sending or saving the document to a device or service that can print.  A couple of other performance features per each app are discussed in the article in more detail. Either way, these apps should be helpful for Apple device users for compatibility using Microsoft Office files.

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