Microsoft offers file transfer tool to assist with Windows XP upgrade

windows_xp_logoWe are assuming Microsoft has been listening to the gripes and complaints from Windows XP users on the upcoming deadline to upgrade to a newer operating system and have decided to assist in the process a bit.  According to a recent article on Computer World website, they are offering a free upgrade tool to ease the transfer of files and settings, as there should have been all along.  This free tool called “PCmover Express”, by a company called Laplink, is designed to help transfer files and settings to newer systems.  This is not a Microsoft program and usually costs around $60, but XP users will get limited access to the program for free.  Also to note, that to transfer all your programs, you will need the PCmover Pro version, but Laplink is offering that for a special price according to a post on the Windows Experience Blog

And again, the XP systems will still function as normal after the deadline, but these systems will no longer be receiving operating system critical security updates, thus making it more vulnerable to malware, cyber-attacks, etc.  Users can have a good 3rd party Anti-virus, enhance your browser & firewall security settings, and practice careful usage via Internet, email, etc.  However, you are still taking somewhat of a risk and Microsoft is letting that be known.  Besides, XP was first introduced in 2002, so an upgrade is not necessarily a bad idea, especially with newer hardware and devices that are better designed for newer OS.  It is time consuming and an inconvenience for most, so hopefully this transfer utility eases the pain somewhat.  Windows 7 is probably a better fit for most than 8, as it is more similar to XP and appears to have a proven track record already in both personal and business environments

To ready the article by Computer World website containing details on this free transfer utility – Click Here

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