Another reminder for Secure Password Practices

ITI know we have mentioned in the past, the significance of keeping user account passwords secure and maintained to a high level of security.  But, we would like to remind users (again) of the importance as there have been network security breaches in the news lately with popular websites, social media sites, company networks, and even retail outlets.  I came across this article by Yahoo Tech website covering 5 easy ways for user accounts to get hacked and something as simple as account password maintenance can be very powerful.

Some items mentioned are:  Using easy passwords, using same passwords for different accounts (if one gets hacked it could lead to compromising other accounts), whether or not to use 2-step verification, etc.  And take note, the list posted in the article is what to do to get your accounts hacked (not what not to do), so not to cause confusion.

To read the article from Yahoo – Click Here

We also wanted to share the list of the 25 worst passwords for 2013, provided by Network World Website.  Interesting fact, the password “password” has dropped to the number 2 spot after years of reigning at number 1.   To read article in it’s entirely and find out what is top of the list as the worst – Click Here

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