Guarding Android Phone Devices against Malware

A recent article by Yahoo Finance website, along with some tips from TrendMicro Security firm, discusses cell phone security and offering advice in keeping your mobile phone device system from becoming compromised.   This is especially important information for Android users, as recent studies by security firms such as Trend Micro, Cisco, and BitDefender have noted that most of the Malware attacking smartphones are targeting Android users.  This article by Yahoo stated that the reason for the focus on Android systems seems to be related to the number of new smartphone users are using Android based devices, reports of an exploit in the operation system that malware creators can target, and the availability of toolkits on the black market for this malware creation.

Malware can come in through phishing emails, fake text messages with malicious links, and through un-verified apps downloaded to the device.  It is also highly recommended to install a good malware protection program.

This article goes into more detail and provides tips to protect your device.To read more information provided by Yahoo – Click Here

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