Microsoft Security Essentials AV ending support for XP

imagesCAA0W2LGWe posted an article last month relating to Windows XP operating system support ending this coming April, which means that Microsoft will no longer provide patches and security updates for XP OS.  Now, Microsoft has also stated that they will end support for their Anti-Virus product “Microsoft Security Essentials” on XP operating systems.  This discontinue of security support starts April 08, according to a recent article by Yahoo Tech news, and is trying to persuade users still on XP to upgrade their systems to Windows 7 or Windows 8 (8.1).  As this point of time we have not heard anything regarding the Vista operating system, so users still on that platform should be ok for some time.

Microsoft Security Essentials Anti-Virus is a free product for valid Windows operating systems and for the most part does a decent job protecting computers without being a resource intensive application.  Basically, it is a quick and light installation that is user-friendly and doesn’t use up unnecessary resources that tend to slow down one’s device.  There are still a good amount of users still on XP and the OS will still work after April 08, but your system will be vulnerable to attacks, viruses, and malware.  Individuals and Business’s should start prepping to upgrade.

To read more information provided by Yahoo News website – Click Here

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