Security concerns for Snapchat & Skype social media accounts

What a way to kick off the New Year for Snapchat users, as some user account data could be compromised according to an article by “Computer World” website reporting that phone number information could be exposed due to a vulnerability newly discovered.  This reported information states the database containing this user information could have been hacked through a recently patched Snapchat exploit.  Snapchat app is designed to allow users to text and share photos in which are only visible for a short period of time and then deleted to help protect privacy, which this recent news seems somewhat ironic.  To read more detailed information in this article by Computer World website – Click Here

In other security news, it has been reported by Network World website and that Skype social media accounts appear to have been targeted in a recent security breach.  According to Skype (in a recent twitter message) their social media properties were targeted, but no user information has been compromised.  This story by Network Work contains more information on the attack and the hacking group behind it, to read it – Click Here

Also, an article by touches base on both of the above stories – Click Here to Read

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