Encryption – the term and the importance

imagesCAZ5346FAs we are constantly reminded these days, users have to be more careful with their data and how it is stored, transmitted, and secured.   We talk a lot about security and backups, but we want to touch on the term “Encryption” in this post.

Encryption helps protect data as it is transmitted over networks, internet, and between devices or end points.  It is also used for data stored on local devices (computers, servers, etc.) as an added layer of security. As defined in a recent article by Yahoo Small Business Advisor website, “Encryption is the method used to convert any form of data or information stored on static and portable devices, and whilst in transmission over the Internet, into complex code using computer software”.  Basically, it protects data (whether it be in transit or stored locally) and only allows authorized users or devices to decrypt and access the data.

Also, defined by Wikipedia “Encryption is the process of encoding messages in such a way that third parties cannot read it, but only authorized parties can”.  So, in other words, if encrypted data is breached or accessed, one must have the authorization (or encryption key) to read it.  For full Wikipedia definition – click here

To learn more about security measures and advice for encryption practices for businesses, you can read this article by Yahoo Small Business Advisor website – Click Here

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