Windows XP Operating System on the way out

windows_xp_logoWell, as you may have already heard, Windows XP OS will be fading out of service this next year (April, 2014) and both business and personal users will need to upgrade their operating systems to keep current with security updates, support, and overall dependability.  Microsoft no longer plans to support XP after this expiration date.  So, one should plan to upgrade to at least Windows 7 (Pro version is recommended for business users) as it has already been tested more thoroughly in corporate environments compared to Windows 8 (latest OS version).  Once Microsoft no longer offers patches or fixes for XP OS, the vulnerabilities will most likely be wide spread, so users still on XP after this deadline will be more susceptible to virus and malware infections on their computers.

Not only will there be worry about security, but compatibility issues could come more into play with newer applications and services. We have already seen website compatibility issues with IE8 (the last available version of Internet Explorer for XP users) as newer websites developed are geared towards newer browser versions.  IE9 and above are only available for Windows7 and newer operating systems.  So, our advice is to plan ahead and be ready to upgrade.

To read more information in a recent article by Yahoo – Click Here

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