Protect yourself against online shopping scams this Holiday Season

With Black Friday deals right around the corner the Holiday shopping season has begun and more users are shopping online these days.  This also means that new online scams and cons will be surfacing.  A recent article by Yahoo Small Business Advisor site offers tips to help avoid these swindles and what to watch out for.  Basic advice includes not falling for emails stating you won a free gift or prize, not entering your personal information in compromised or malicious websites, be careful of downloading “fake” coupons that could be virus infected files, don’t click on links in emails if you don’t recognize the url (can find out by hovering your mouse over link), and more.

Some examples, According to (online complaint resolution website), include users receiving text messages stating they won a $1000 gift card in which lures them to a fake website asking for personal information, receiving a Black Friday deal email that includes a coupon to download that could result in malware infection, or being sent a virus-embedded eCard from a fake account.

Other tips include sticking to trusted sites like Amazon,, etc when shopping online and using a pre-paid debit card for purchases.  It is also a good idea to stick to one credit card assigned to online shopping that has a limited credit line.

To read the article by Yahoo detailing more information and additional tips – Click Here

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