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Microsoft has finally released the Windows 8.1 update to address some customer complaints and frustrations with the Windows 8 operating system.  Microsoft released Windows 8 earlier this year and it was definitely a bold new design compared to previous versions.  It appears to be more of a tablet-based look and feel than that of a workstation.  This has frustrated and confused many users and the learning curve has been a frustrated experience for some. 

Microsoft took note and recently released the Windows 8.1 update which some of the new features include: bringing back the “Start” button, ability to boot directly to traditional desktop interface, a smoother transition for the use of keyboards and mice, and other adjustments to assist the user.  There are also improvements for businesses and IT providers such as enhanced security and management features.  Of course, with any new upgrade one should take the necessary precaution of backing up your system before-hand and perform additional research before installing.

Here is an article from Computer World website with more details – Click Here

Also, some tips offered by website for the Windows 8.1 Update:

– Instructions to run the Windows 8.1 for a 90-day trial before deciding to upgrade – Click Here

– Instructions on synching the Windows 8.1 Start screen and desktop (providing a smooth transition giving both the same look) – Click Here

And to note, that Microsoft has recently provided a fix for the Surface RT Tablets that encountered an error with the 8.1 update, which cause some devices to crash or experience the “blue-screen” error.  For information – Click Here

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