Tips for iOS7 Upgrade

It seems for the most part that the new iOS7 update has been accepted by Apple users and has new features that challenge their competitors.  Although there have been a few performance issues & concerns, not all users have been affected by them.  A recent article by both Network World & Computer World websites detail these issues and offer tips to users that have recently upgraded.

Some consumer complaints have been over the battery life draining quicker, keyboard lag times, a problem with the iMessage feature (some messages don’t get sent), device freeze ups, etc.   To be fair, some of these type issues happen to older OS versions and different device operating systems as well. Here are some tips offered in this Network World website article to help users out – Click Here To Read

To read some power saving tips by Computer World website – Click Here

On another note, Apple has already acknowledged some security concerns and started rolling out system updates (the 7.0.2 update has been released).  There was the lockscreen functionality in which a vulnerability was found that could allow someone to bypass the passcode lock and gain access to the device apps.  Also, there was a security bug that could allow people to make a call even if the device has the passcode protection enabled.  So, Apple took these issues serious and made quick action to address.  For more information on this update, here is an article by International Business Times website with details – Click Here To Read

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