Security alert for Adobe user accounts

According to a recent article by Network World website, Adobe has reported a major security breach on their systems and it could affect approximately 2.9 million customer accounts.   It was stated by Adobe that “sophisticated attacks” were discovered on their network and data could be compromised such as customer IDs, encrypted passwords, and customer information such as credit card numbers and order details.  Adobe also stated they don’t believe encrypted credit or debit card numbers were removed from the system.  This attack on their network also gained access to source code for a number of Adobe’s software products.

It also states that Adobe is currently in the process of resetting user passwords on all affected accounts and if any user’s credit or debit card information was involved in this security breach they will be notified.  Adobe is also notifying banks that are processing customer payments and working with law enforcement.  To read more detailed information in the article by Network World – click here also posted news on this subject adding that regarding the source code breach, Adobe stated there is no “increased risk to customers as a result of this incident”.  Also,  Adobe promised to offer customers that have been affected with an option of a 1 year complimentary credit monitoring membership where applicable.  To read more from – click here

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