Recent email scams to watch out for

TrendMicro Security firm recently posted news on their security blog regarding new email scams to keep a watch for and important information to avoid being tricked into clicking any of the links or attachments.

One of the email scams noted is related to the recent Affordable Health Care Act (also known as Obamacare) and attempts to persuade users in clicking on links that take them to websites tricking them to disclose personal information.  Watch out for spam with terms “medicare”, “enrollment”, “medical (or health) insurance”, and such.  You should be very cautious before opening any links or attachments and to research what websites are “real” and reputable before entering any personal or confidential information.  For more information by TrendMicro – Click Here

Another email scam that has been reported is one that falsely appears to be from UPS containing delivery update and tracking number.  These UPS spam emails have been around in years past, but this latest discovery shows a newly designed professional looking email that contains a link to view tracking status and/or download a PDF.  The email uses a cleverly disguised sending email address that appears to be from UPS.  The link leads to a malicious file download in which includes a backdoor virus file that steals data in FTP clients, file managers, and credentials from email accounts such as Outlook, Windows Live Mail, etc. while also altering the system’s registry. 

Additional information (including a screen shot of the email) can be found in this article by TrendMicro – Click Here

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