Keeping your computer protected and secure online

There are constantly new phishing attempts, security deceptions, and crafty tricks that are online to trick users and in the end infect their PC’s and mobile devices with some sort of malware or virus files.  These files could open security holes in which attackers can gain access to your computer without your knowledge and cause internal damage to your computer, and possible gain access to personal online accounts and data.

A recent article by Network World website defines some of these scams and security issues that user’s could be introduced to whether it’s while surfing the web, checking email or simply working on their PC.  Some terms that are discussed and that you should familiarize yourself with are: Phishing, Malicious Email, Fake Update Messages or Warnings, Drive-by-Downloads, Zero-day Attacks, and more.

To read the article in it’s entirety or for more details – Click Here

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