Security information for Android Mobile Devices

Security information for Android Mobile Devices

Trend Micro security firm posted an article on their security blog stating security concerns and warnings for Android operating systems.  This post reminds users to update their operating systems and to have a security application in place.  They have recently released their quarterly security report stating the growth of threats targeting the Android system is a cause for concern.

Also, a recent article by describes security issues with older versions of the Android operating system are causing security concerns from the FBI and Department of Homeland Security. There are vulnerabilities for devices still running these older versions.  These vulnerabilities have since been addressed in newer versions, but continue to cause security weaknesses in older OS platforms. 

Just as you would do for your Windows PC, it is critical to keep your mobile device up to date with the latest update and security patches.  Also, it is highly recommended to have an antivirus or malware protection software in place for the Android mobile system.  Some manufacturers and carries don’t offer the updated security patches for Android. Users can also install Android Security suite for their particular devices.  Text messages containing malicious links, fake Google Play domains, and fake or malicious apps are the main sources for Malware infections. 

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