Exchange email server update removed by Microsoft

We recently posted an article regarding this past Patch Tuesday and noting a critical security patch for Exchange Email Servers as the most important update.  Since then, Microsoft has removed the Exchange Security update from this month’s Patch Tuesday (August ’13) due to issues it could cause after installing and not being properly tested.  This update could damage mailbox database indexing and the Exchange Search Host Controller service.  This is important to bring up as we always take a bit of time to wait out the updates when they are first released as these incidents occur and have done so numerous times in the past. 

This past July, Microsoft also recalled a few buggy patches as well, so always better to take precaution and use a test environment for security updates that affect critical business services such as Exchange email servers.  Microsoft admitted that testing was not properly performed and has advised against installing it.  If anyone has installed it and are experiencing issues there are instructions offered by MS that involve some registry edits. 

Well, for more detailed information please read this article released by Network World – Click Here

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