Google introduces Chromecast device

Google introduces Chromecast device

Most of our posts relate to network administration, internet security, and protecting your computers.  We also like to discuss the introduction of new products, operating systems, devices, etc. that grab our attention.  Well, recent news has surfaced that Google has introduced a new device call “Chromecast” that allows users to watch videos, listen to music, and more on High-Definition TV’s from their Smartphone’s, laptops, and tablets.  It is affordable at $35 a unit, a small 2 inches in size, and very easy to install by simply plugging it into one of the HDMI ports on the TV.

This device works with Netflix, YouTube, Google Play (movies, TV, music) and coming soon Pandora compatibility.  Also, users can have remote control of their TVs using products from Android (tablets & Smartphone’s), Apple (iPhones & iPads), and Chrome (MAC & Windows, Chromebook Pixel).

For more information on Chromecast capabilities and where to buy one, check out the links we posted below to articles by both Yahoo Tech News and ComputerWorld website.

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