Critical Internet Explorer security updates released by Microsoft

According to a recent article from Network World website, Microsoft is releasing critical security updates to address vulnerabilities found in all versions (6 thru 10) of Internet Explorer browser this June Patch Tuesday.  A vulnerability found could be exploited, which could lead to unauthorized remote control of an affected machine.  A computer can be compromised when exposed to web pages infected by the Malware.

Phishing attacks have been behind many of the successful hacks lately, according to security and forensic analyst at Lumension.  Users need to be aware of phishing attempts that can trick them into visiting an infected site. It is a good idea to enable the anti-phishing filter in their browsers.  A couple other updates are related to MS Office applications, including the latest version of “Office for the Mac” (pay attention MAC users).

Also, to note, that these updates will most likely require a reboot afterwards.

For more detailed information, please read the article from Network World – Click Here

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