Password security tips to help keep your accounts and devices safe

Keeping passwords for your online accounts, computers, mobile devices, and smartphones is one layer of security, but keeping these passwords complex and using different passwords for separate accounts are additional security layers.  We have posted on this same subject before, but it is always good to offer another reminder on the importance.

These days most people in our society are online more and more accessing banking accounts, private emails, critical data, etc. and should to be reminded to stay extra vigilant in keeping important information secure and from being compromised.  Using multiple types of characters, not using common words within multiple passwords, and adding extra characters to lengthen passwords are a few tips from security experts.

A recent article by Yahoo Tech News sends us another reminder on password security, tips on structuring your password system and includes a bit of information on how hackers crack passwords.

For more information on maintaining your password system – Click Here

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