Latest security report states browsers present the biggest threat to networks

According to a recent article by Network World, Microsoft’s latest Security Intelligence Report (based on data in last half of 2012 from a billion computers in more than 100 countries) found that cyber attacks originating from web browsing create the biggest threat to company networks. This data was collected using Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool, Microsoft’s endpoint security products, Bing application, and Hotmail accounts. According to the article, the top exploits were malicious JavaScript code and HTML iFrames, in which both have been popular due to the development tools accessible to cybercriminals.

Due to this recent rise in browser security concerns, Microsoft has been experimenting with other options allowing more secure interaction with the web using a technology called “Embassies”. This is a client-side design in which applications run in low-level, native-code containers that use Internet addresses for outside communications with applications. This is similar to smartphones and tablets, in which the use of native apps that connect directly to the internet without using a browser. This provides the attack surface on a much smaller scale.
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