Microsoft's response to Windows 8 user feedback

Due to customer feedback on Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 8, there may be some updates coming out soon that could address features that users are voicing their opinion on.  One of which, is to bring back the missing start button and another is to have the desktop load upon booting up and/ or logging on.  In the meantime Microsoft has provided some tips to fix the annoyances mostly discussed among users.

For the missing start button complaint, there is a free application call “Classic Shell” that allows you to customize Windows Explorer to look and feel like Windows 7 or XP.

How the desktop loads and behaves, there are some keyboard shortcuts that assist in a way to get to your desktop sooner after boot up.  Also, there are some tips on working the touchpad or mouse instead of using the touchscreen interfaces.

Here is the article from Yahoo that describes the nuances and the tips by Microsoft in more detail – Click Here

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