The term clickjacking and protecting your online accounts

The term clickjacking and protecting your online accounts

Clickjacking is a security threat that tricks users to click a button or link (image links, text links, etc.) that could lead to sites with malicious code by “hi-jacking” the number of clicks meant for a particular web page and routes clicks to another page.  People usually are exposed to this threat in social media sites by cybercriminals setting up “dummy” accounts, creating posts containing malicious scripts and setting up Facebook pages/Twitter accounts, etc. that link to compromised blogs or sites.

A recent post on a blog by TrendMicro security firm by a user stating they were clickjacked by clicking on a web link from their iPad and it took them to a fake Twitter login page in which the user entered their login credentials.  This gave the cybercriminals the user’s login information and they spammed all of the users’ followers with a malicious link.  This example could get worse if you use the same login credentials for online banking accounts, email accounts containing sensitive data, and other private accounts. 

Clickjacking on Facebook has increased and Facebook defines clickjacking as “certain malicious websites that contain code to make your browser take action without your knowledge or consent”.  Users will be prompted to click on Facebook wall posts with links and the post is spammed to their contacts.

For a more in-depth definition and detailed information, check the link below (don’t worry it is a safe link) from TrendMicro security blog.

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